3D Laser Technology

With three dimensional (cutting of formed workpieces) laser cutting, almost any angle or configuration is possible. The cut is clean, reducing the need for deburring.

Using 3D Laser Technology

With six-axis laser cutting JD Laser Inc. is able to produce prototype and finished parts with higher quality in less time. JD Laser Inc. has “top of the line” programming packages which use the CAD model to produce a part and prepare computer generated fixtures. Our reduced cost for fixture design allows us to pass savings on to our customer. We have two NTC TLM Series 6-axis systems with table sizes 5′ x 10′. These systems are known for high-productivity performance and ability to cut complex parts.

The TLM offers a non-contact sensor, which monitors and provides rapid response to changes in the gaps between optics and the part to maintain the beam’s optimum focus. Materials that can be cut on a three-dimensional system include: up to 0.250″ mild steel, 0.130″ stainless steel and .0.130″ of aluminum . These machines are known for their versatility, precision cutting ability, and speed.

Lasers are able to cut at very high speed, only to be limited by the power available from the machine. Laser cutting is extremely cost-effective and results in lower costs for our customer.

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